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Mesh Bonnet in Black

  • Bonnet is hand-crocheted using deadstock yarn.


  • Materials :

    black yarn ( 50% merino, 50% poliamide) 

    To take care of your knitted/crochet  item follow this basic rules: 


     ⁃ natural materials,as wool, do not need to be washed often due to their self-cleaning abilities. It’s always better to air your clothes instead of washing. 

     ⁃ In case you really need to wash your hand knitted piece:  fill washbasin or sink with cool water. Add a wool detergent. Soak your item for a few minutes.Rinse thoroughly in lukewarm water. Rinse again in cold water. Do not wring. Instead, gently press the excess water out of the item. Lay the item flat in its natural shape on a clean towel and let it dry.

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